We are "the Clans" (The Celtic Clans of Australasia, formerly The Combined Celtic/Gaelic Clans). 
We stand for "uile nan cinnidhean chèile", "all clans together".
We want to bring the heart of "chèile" to all folks of Celtic heritage, culture, and ancestry.

What is "Chèile"? Unity, togetherness, belonging, family, companions, fellows and fellowship. Its meaning and use is similar in both Scots Gaelic and Irish Gaelic languages.

Who is of Celtic origin? Anyone who traces their lineage or family to roots in the commonly accepted Celtic nations:

- Scotland/Alba
- Ireland/Eire
- Wales/Cymru
- Cornwall/Kernow
- Isle of Man/Mannin
- Brittany/Breizh
In addition, those with significant Celtic or Gaelic heritage and culture:
- Galicia
- Asturias, and of course
- Celts and Gaels elsewhere in the world.

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